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Sick but Happy Happy ^__^

James~ Thanks for the Cloud figurine!! I was so surprised to receive that.. keke. And thanks for the sakae lunch treat today. Next time must be my turn lah.. always you treat I will paiseh de leh.. haha. =) Best wishes for monday k? Ammunition seems like a nice job.. =) Oh ya, I saw victor joe at tiong bahru just now!! He's my fave lecturer at SP leh.. hehe.

This morning I was abit angry lo.. with myself lah. I mean I really feel like I am so idiot lo. Cuz can't get through your phone.. so scared something happened to you.. then no way to get through to you how? Ended up I didn't really sleep cuz every one or two hours I will wake up and call.. hoping that your phone can get through then I can feel relieved.. but it didn't get through the whole night till morning.. I really feel like slapping myself you know? Luckily it's just no batt and you are alright. That's all it matters =) Take care back home~ You must rest well too and don't fall sick arh!!

Today's transactions went smoothly.. actually it's good to be at the account opening side also.. can hide behind the panels.. and can play games when there are no customer. Hehe. I am quite confident with account opening le lah.. just a few more stuff that I'm not familiar with but I'm sure I will learn soon. =) My colleagues keep psycho-ing me to get mc today and tomorrow. See how lah.. and there goes our dinner date also.. cuz sakmah dear went for labour just now. Tomorrow herni and regina off, nor gonna take mc.. I'm gonna be lonely again. *sob* haha.. nvm I have my TVXQ music to accompany me (in my hp)~

Now I'm just gonna be a good girl and get my rest so that my flu can recover soon. Tata~
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