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Heart, mind and soul..

Did you hear that? TVXQ's 1st DVD - Heart, mind and soul will be out on October 4? Finally.. o^__^v I've pre-ordered mine.. hehe. I just love them so much!! I got my Hero Bico Cross le.. *bonus*

Jae Joong with his new blonde hair.. although he looks really good with his previous silky black hair..lol

Someone've been working so hard lately that I'm getting worried about his health. Lol. But I'm not going to say too much lah.. don't want to add any more stress for you le. =) You take good good care ohh~ See you on tuesday.

I've been watching Marry Me. It's nice and comical. One idol whose bride ran away on their wedding day, and a girl whose trying so hard to run away from her boyfriend's marriage proposal, and they ended up together. That's just what the whole story about. The rest are the usual taiwan drama material lah.

P.S. I just can't concentrate because my heart is somewhere else. =P Can anyone understand that feeling? *sigh*
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